Help Save Our Home

Help Save Our Home

What would you do when you see a homeless person on the street? Would you just walk on by and ignore them? More than likely you probably think that it is their own fault for ending up that way and that they had a choice to make live better for themselves, but some of us don’t have a choice.

Hi, my name is Kimberly Mattia, the daughter of Robert and India Mattia. I am 25 years old and just graduated from college. For 10 years me and my parents lived in small house in the middle of the cabin john neighborhood, our life was happy there, it was not the perfect life, but it was good enough for us. Then everything suddenly changed when our house was badly damaged by fire back in October of last year, the house was badly damaged to point it was no longer livable, so we had to live someplace else temporary. thankfully our home insurance company gave us a rental house to live in for 7 months while out house is being rebuilt, at least that was the plan, well, now things i not gone so smoothly for us. You see, our house had fallen into foreclosure before the fire, but at that time what had away for getting out, but now because of the fire we don’t have a chance of getting out of foreclosure. Furthermore, our insurance company cannot process with the rebuilding of our house because of the foreclosure, so for almost 7 months now hour house as be sitting vacant with fire damage because nothing more can done with it. Now here our real problem comes in, we have tried looking for a new place to live, but because me and my parents a very poor and have bad credit, we cannot afford new housing of any type whether it be a house or apartment. The rental house we are currently staying at only as a 7 month lease and those 7 months is almost up and our insurance company will not gave another lease, so we time quickly running out to find a new place to live, there is now a strong possibility that we will become homeless within a month or two. We have tried going to organizations for help, but all of them is our case a hopeless cause. Also we have tired looking organizations that give emergency housing for the homeless, but they all have a waiting period that is far too long for us. The only option we have left is homeless shelters, but even they are limited on space and since shelters where I live do not accept men and women together, our family we be forced to split up. Furthermore, we not idea how long our homeless will last, but it last a very long time in our situation. To make matters worse, my mom as asthma and requires the use of an inhaler and my dad as diabetes that requires incident injected into his body to keep his body stable, if they can’t continue to the medical help they need, they will both eventually die from their illness.

Also to further explain the situation as it concerns me, I am an artist and I recently graduated from an art college and got my bachelor’s degree in media arts and animation. I have been starting to look for a job, but it has been hard. My dream job is to work for a major animation production company, but since I’m now facing homelessness, that dream might never be realized. Of course I have not given up of the job search yet, I am putting every effort I can to find a job, but I fear once I become homeless it would very hard for me to find a job at all.

I know that there are probably millions of other people out there that are probably going through the same thing, so you probably ask yourself, why should I care about you? Your right, I’m not that special, but let me say this, unless someone cares a whole lot, then no one will ever care, and nothing will ever change, there will still be homeless people and families like myself that will never know what their own American dream is like. So the least you can do is make a difference for this family.

Unfortunately, since I’m really short on money, I do not have much to give you in return for your donations. All I can offer is my artwork that I do since I am an artist. I have my own website with a gallery of all the artwork I have done over the years, I can offer your prints and posters of various sizes of any piece of work you like from my gallery. You can visit my website here at

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