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Tales of Aradia: The Last Witch, volume 1 – L.A. Jones


300 years ago, vampires scourged the countryside, eradicating witches. Total annihilation was the goal, total genocide of the entire race of witches – and they were almost successful. Only the Seer of the Witches was able to elude them long enough to save her daughter, casting her into time. There, she was safe, born again in the future, not even knowing exactly who she is.


In the present, Ross and Liza Preston are driving home after being told by a fertility clinic that they will never have a child. Devastated by the news, they hardly expect to find a child abandoned in the wilderness. Seeing it as a sign, they take her home and adopt her, naming her Aradia.


The story moves ahead about 14 years and Aradia is starting high school. Her dad’s career change…

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