Werewolf symbol

  The Werewolf Symbol 

As described in book five, the history of the werewolf in the Aradian universe is as follows. The very first werewolf was a Roman Emperor named Romulus who  along with his twin brother Remus was suckled by a she-wolf. Supposedly, Romulus absorbed more of the wolf’s essence than his brother. This gave him more of the instincts of a wolf and the abilities as well. Later on in the years, he became able to shape-shift from man to wolf. 
With reference to that, I have created the werewolf symbol. The double R’s stand for the Romans which are the true ancestors of the Werewolf’s. The wolf’s paw…I think that speaks for itself. 

I have already run this by the Aradian fan group but I am still open to suggestions. 
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